What is your address?

40A St Ronan's Road, NE258AY

What are your opening hours and days?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm.

Can I preorder?

No, it wouldn't be fair to the people who queue up for when we open, so we don't take preorders. You can however book us for 50 donuts or over.

Are you still doing deliveries?

No, we're too busy with the shop at the moment.

Can we sit in?

Not at the moment.

Are you dog friendly?


Do you sell wholesale?

Not at the moment, we have put this on the backburner while we focus on the shop. We do hope to pick it up at some point though!

Do you sell vegan?

We do, we have vegan donuts and the best vegan cookie bar you'll ever taste!

Do you sell GF?

Yes! We sell GF cookies, brownies and donuts.

What time do you sell out?

It totally depends on the day, no day is the same for us! 

How much are boxes?

A box of 6 is £15, a box of 12 is £28.

Can we mix and match items in the boxes?

Absolutely, you can get anything in your box, as the majority of our items are the same price.

What is your telephone number?

We don't have a telephone number, it's just the two of us, Ray is usually in the shop and I (Emily), am usually baking, so we have very little time to answer

the phone. If you have a query, you can contact us on here or pop into see us.

Do you have dairy free milk?

We do, we use almond,oat and soy.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes, we have gift vouchers you can use in store for 12 and 6 donuts.

R Place, 38-40A St Ronan's Road, Whitley Bay, NE258AY
Coffee. Donuts. Rock & Roll.